Johan Wens

Senior University Lecturer - Visiting Professor University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Hue (Vietnam)


Research group

Primary and interdisciplinary care Antwerp (ELIZA)


  • Recent research activities are focused at: - research of medical education (examination bench marking, shared expertise) - palliative care - importance of early palliative care in people suffering from non-oncology conditions - surprise question - PICT - palliative care in vulnerable people - guideline development - communication: 'oncotalk' importance of an interpreter during oncology consultations - quality improvement in the chronic primary care field mainly focused on chronic care delivery (multi morbidity and polypharamcy, i.e. in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus) and palliative care


You can find here all of the projects that are recorded in the research database of UAntwerp under the name of the academic staff member that acts as a promoter, copromoter or grant holder (a.o. FWO). It concerns only those research projects and mandates that were acquired after an external or internal competition.