I aspire to inspire people to change toward sustainability. I fulfill my aspiration by researching environmental and economic choices, educating students, scholars, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, and cooperating in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary way. As an ecological and environmental economist, I aim to develop integrated assessments of environmental economic choices using sound scientific analysis to support decision-makers and reduce uncertainty. We analyse socio-technical systems (agriculture, food, consumption, production (including materials), and energy). I work on the economic and sustainability assessment of environmental technology, agricultural and energy systems, and the interaction between economy, technology, and ecology. As vice-rector, I will broaden and strengthen valorisation, focusing on beneficial long-term impact. Collaboration within and beyond the university is crucial to knowledge valorisation and diffusion. Interdisciplinary collaboration can contribute to system transitions and solving wicked problems like climate change. Hence valorisation is much more than the valorisation of a technology and involves, among other aspects, also organisational innovation and process innovation.


Statute & functions

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  • full research professor


  • vice-rector

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