Steven Van Passel

Professor Environmental Economics

Short bio

Prof. dr. Steven Van Passel is professor Environmental Economics and coordinates the research team EnvEcon at the departement Engineering Management of the University of Antwerp. His research concentrates on the economic and sustainability assessment of clean technology and agricultural systems and on the interaction between economy, technology and ecology. As an environmental economist, he is interested in conceptual and methodological aspects of assessing sustainability, the valuation of environmental and energy technologies and the economic impact of climate change.


Recent papers

Annys, S., Van Passel, S., Dessein, J., Adgo, E., Nyssen, J. 2020. From fast-track implementation to livelihood deterioration: the dam-based Ribb Irrigation and Drainage Project in northwest Ethiopia. Agricultural Systems 184: 102909 (IF: 4.21)

Peeters, M. Compernolle, T., Van Passel, S. 2020. Influence of information provided at the moment of a fire alarm on the choice of exit. Fire Safety Journal (accepted) (IF: 2.30)

Gezahegn, T.W., Van Passel, S., Berhanu, T., D’Haese, M., Maertens, M. 2020. Structural and Institutional Heterogeneity among Agricultural Cooperatives in Ethiopia: Does it Matter for Farmers’ Welfare? Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (accepted) (IF: 1.19)

Annys, S., Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes, Enyew Adgo, Van Passel, S., Dessein, J., Nyssen, J. (2020) Small-scale irrigation expansion along the dam-regulated Tekeze River in northern Ethiopia. International Journal of Water Resources Development. (accepted)  (IF: 3.13) 

Van Oijstaeijnen, W., Van Passel, S., Cools, J., Janssens, J., Hugé, J., Berihun, D., Ejigu, N., Nyssen, J. 2020. Farmers’ preferences towards water hyacinth control in Lake Tana: a contingent valuation study. Journal of Great Lakes Research (accepted) (IF: 1.93)

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