Steven Van Passel

Professor Environmental Economics

Short bio

Prof. dr. Steven Van Passel joined the research group Engineering Management in 2015. His research concentrates on the economic and sustainability assessment of clean technology and agricultural systems and on the interaction between economy, technology and ecology. As an environmental economist, he is interested in conceptual and methodological aspects of assessing sustainability, the valuation of environmental and energy technologies and the economic impact of climate change.


Recent papers


  • Boerema, A., Van Passel, S., Meire, P. 2018. Cost-effectiveness analysis of ecosystem management with ecosystem services: from theory to practice. Ecological Economics (accepted). (IF: 2.97)
  • Daniels S., Bellmore J.R., Benjamin, J., Witters N., Vangronsveld J., Van Passel, S. 2018. Quantification of the indirect use value of functional group diversity based on the ecological role of species in the ecosystem. Ecological Economics (accepted). (IF: 2.97)
  • Kuppens, T.E., Rafiaani, P., Vanreppelen, K., Yperman, J., Carleer, R., Schreurs, S., Thewys, T., Van Passel, S. 2018. Combining Monte Carlo simulations and experimental design for incorporating risk and uncertainty in investment decisions for cleantech: a fast pyrolysis case study.Clean technologies and environmental policy (accepted). (IF: 3.33)
  • Nyssen, J., Fikre Fetene, Mekete Dessie, Getachew Alemayehu, Amare Sewnet, Alemayehu Wassie, Mulugeta Kibret, Walraevens, K., Derudder, B., Nicolai, B., Annys, S., Firew Tegegne, Van Passel, S., Frankl, A., Verleyen, E., Dereje Teklemariam, Enyew Adgo, 2018. Persistence and changes in the peripheral Beles basin of Ethiopia. Regional Environmental Change (accepted) (IF: 2.92)
  • Jorli, M., Van Passel, S., Sadeghi Saghdel, H. 2018. External costs from fossil electricity generation: a review of the applied pathway approach. Energy and Environment (accepted) (IF: 0.30) 
  • Neyen, K., Squires, D., Van Passel, S. 2018. A stochastic techno-economic assessment of seabed mining of polymetallic nodules in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone. Marine Policy (accepted) (IF: 2.24)
  • Van Schoubroeck, S., Van Dael, M., Van Passel, S., Malina, R. 2018. A Review of Sustainability Indicators for Biobased Chemicals. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 94:115-126 (IF: 8.05)
  • Gebrehiwot N.T., Azadi, H., Taheri, F., Van Passel, S. 2018. How Participation in Vegetables Market Affects Livelihoods: Empirical Evidence from Northern Ethiopia.Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing 30:107-131 IF: X)
  • Mofidi Chelan, M., Alijanpour, A., Barani, H., Motamedi, J., Azadi, H., Van Passel, S. 2018. Economic sustainability assessment in semi-steppe rangelands. Science of the Total Environment 637-638: 112-119 (IF: 4.90)
  • Azadi, H., Keramati, P., Taheri, F., Rafiaani, P., Teklemariam, D., Gebrhiwot, K., Hosseininia, G., Van Passel, S., Lebailly, P., Witlox, F. 2018. Agricultural land conversion: reviewing drought impacts and coping straregies. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 31: 184-195 (IF: 1.60)

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