Steven Van Passel

Professor Environmental Economics

Publications in the spotlight

Sustainability indicators for biobased chemicals : a Delphi study using multi-criteria decision analysis
Van Schoubroeck Sophie   Springael Johan   Van Dael Miet   Malina Robert   Van Passel Steven  
Resources, conservation and recycling - ISSN 0921-3449-144 (2019) p. 198-208
Dissecting demand response : a quantile analysis of flexibility, household attitudes, and demographics
Srivastava Aman   Van Passel Steven   Laes Erik  
Energy Research and Social Science - ISSN 2214-6296-52 (2019) p. 169-180
Big is efficient : evidence from agricultural cooperatives in Ethiopia
Gezahegn Tafesse W.   Van Passel Steven   Berhanu Tekeste   D'Haese Marijke   Maertens Miet  
Agricultural economics - ISSN 0169-5150-50:5p. 555-566
Towards a more direct policy feedback in circular economy monitoring via a societal needs perspective
Alaerts Luc   Van Acker Karel   Rousseau Sandra   De Jaeger Simon   Moraga Gustavo   Dewulf Jo   De Meester Steven   Van Passel Steven   Compernolle Tine   Bachus Kris   Vrancken Karl   Eyckmans Johan  
Resources, conservation and recycling - ISSN 0921-3449-149 (2019) p. 363-371
How to assess the potential of emerging green technologies? Towards a prospective environmental and techno-economic assessment framework
Thomassen Gwenny   Van Dael Miet   Van Passel Steven   You Fengqi  
Green chemistry : cutting-edge research for a greener sustainable future - ISSN 1463-9262-21:18 (2019) p. 4868-4886

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