Did you make the wrong choice? Want to switch to another programme at the University of Antwerp? Or do you want to enrol for an extra programme? You can still change your enrolment.


You can only switch programmes within the University of Antwerp or enrol using an additional contract during the standard enrolment periods and by following the procedure below.

If you wish to change the type of contract you are using for your programme components, you should contact the central student administration before the beginning of the academic year. You will need your faculty's authorisation to change your contract and you won't be able to change the outcome of the contract (e.g. degree or credits): If you enrolled in a particular programme, that will stay the same. You can switch between a diploma contract and an exam contract-diploma and vice versa. Did you enrol for individual programme components?  Then you can only switch from a credit contract to an exam contract-credit and vice versa.


The only way to change your enrolment is by using the designated application form in the SisA selfservice module ("Study program" > requests). Once your application has been processed, it will appear under "request history".


Bear in mind that making changes to your enrolment may have implications for the tuition fees you pay, your learning account, scholarships and/or family allowance:

  • If changing your enrolment means that you are cancelling your enrolment in certain programme components or entire programmes, then certain rules and deadlines apply. For more information, see the "Ending your enrolment" section.
  • If you then choose to enrol in a different programme or use a different contract, or if this is an additional enrolment, you may be using credits from your learning account. There also may be consequences for your tuition fees.

Contact the University of Antwerp's Office for Student Affairs for more information about the implications for your scholarship and family allowance.