Many students have difficulty deciding which course they want to take. But in the end you take the plunge and pick one. Have you got the feeling that your programme isn't quite right for you? It may still be possible to end your enrolment... .


You can end your enrolment in the following circumstances:

  • You enrolled using a diploma contract. Credit and exam contracts cannot be cancelled.
  • If you wish to cancel your enrolment in one or more programmes during the current academic year, you will need to do this no later than 31 May following the procedure below.
  • Enrolments cannot be cancelled with another date than the date of the request. In order to process your cancellation in due time (see the deadlines for reimbursing your tuition fees/learning account), applications for cancellation should be received no later than 5 p.m. on the working day before the final deadline.
  • Students in the possession of a resident's permit first have to end their permit with the city administration and present the proof of this to the registrar's office.


  • Students who have enrolled for a postgraduate course will need to contact their own postgraduate coordinator regarding the conditions for changing their enrolment and reimbursement.  A permisison to end your enrolment could be necessary.


Enrolments can only be changed using the designated application form in the SisA selfservice module (Tile "Requests").  Once your application has been processed by the registrar's office, it will be listed under "request history".  The date on which you cancel your enrolment will also be included on your study certificate.


We recommend that you meet with the study advisor of your faculty to discuss the implications of cancelling your enrolment.

There is more information below about the implications for your study programme, tuition fees and learning account:

... for your study programme

As soon as you have ended your enrolment, you are no longer considered a student on the programme in question. This means you can no longer sit exams for these programme components. Additional exam chances will be lost (e.g. second session).

...for your tuition fees:

How much of your tuition fee will be reimbursed depends on when you end your enrolment.

  • Ending your enrolment before 1 November: You only owe a fixed amount associated with the programme (which is in most cases the fixed amount assoicated with your tuition fee). If applicable, if you ended your entire enrolment, reimbursement will take place in December.
  • Ending your enrolment between 1 November and 14 March: From 1 November onwards, tuition fees are required for all credits for first semester and year-long programme components. If applicable, if you ended your entire enrolment, reimbursement will take place in April.
  • Ending your enrolment after 14 March: After 14 March, tuition fees are required for all the credits you used for your entire study programme.


  • Credit contracts and exam contracts (the individual courses and entire programmes) can never be ended. This means you will not be reimbursed if you decide to stop studying.
  • If you did not register for programme components, the chances are that your tuition fees were calculated on the basis of the standard programme provided by the faculty according to the provisions set out in the study and exam rules.  Make sure you always submit your own study programme on time.
  • The University of Antwerp is unable to reimburse any tuition fees paid using training vouchers.
  • If you have an outstanding balance, we will be unable to issue proof that you have stopped your studies, or any other documents. You may not be permitted to enrol again in future.

...for your learning account

In all cases, the study credits you earned by passing programme components will be recredited to your learning account. The moment you end your enrolment also plays an important role:

  • Ending your enrolment before 1 November: Your study credits will be reimbursed to your learning account.
  • Ending your enrolment between 1 November and 14 March: All credits for first semester and year-long programme components will have been deducted of your learning account. If you have not yet passed these programme components at the time of cancellation then you will lose these study credits. Study credits of the second semester will be returned to your learning account. A separate arrangement applies to students enrolling in higher education for the first time ('first-time students') - see below.
  • Ending your enrolment after 14 March: All study credits for the entire academic year will be deducted from your learning account.


  • Credit contracts cannot be ended and your study credits will always be deducted. You can only get these study credits back in your learning account by earning credit certificates (e.g. by passing exams).
  • Students enrolling in higher education for the first time ('first-time students') will receive a bonus if they enrol in another programme in due time  after ending their enrolment (= 'reorientation'). If you end your enrolment after 1 November and your enrolment in the new programme is complete before 1 December of the current academic year, the Government of Flanders will reimburse all your study credits to your learning account. If you complete the new enrolment after 30 November but before 15 March, you will get half of the study credits back in your learning account (provided your credits were not deducted at the start of the examination period (on 1 January).