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Master of Biology: Global Change Biology

Your programme

Biology is a fundamental scientific discipline focusing on formulating and testing hypotheses through observations and experiments in the lab or the field. As a Biology student, you will actively participate in state-of the-art research performed at the Department of Biology.

The teaching is supported by the staff and expertise of the research groups. In the specialisation Global Change Biology, emphasis lies on understanding the complex causes and far-reaching consequences of global change.

You will learn about the multifaceted nature of global change (changes in climate, land use, water and biogeochemical cycles; pollution and the loss of biodiversity), and how these changes impact on all levels of biological organisation, from molecules to ecosystems.   

Your future

The recognition that global change is threatening our planet makes expertise in the subject a widely sought asset. As a specialist in global change biology, you will analyse policy and influence decision-making. Research offers another career opportunity in Belgium and also abroad.