The mesodrome, operational since 2017, forms the hub of innovative aquatic research platforms. These platforms focus on the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, addressing converging issues such as eutrophication, pollution, and flooding. A standout feature within this aquatic research realm is the Flume—a 20 m long, 2 m wide experimental river, in operation since 2020. This facility enables precise manipulation of hydrology, water quality, sediment characteristics, and plants and animals, serving as a vital tool to study the interactive effects of anticipated changes on the functioning of river ecosystems.

The flume is accompanied by 16 experimental ponds and 4 smaller experimental rivers or raceways. Within this comprehensive facility, researchers engage in a meticulous examination, exploring the intricate interplay of pollution and future-climate hydrology. The study delves into interconnected components, encompassing both biotic (fish, invertebrates, vegetation, crayfish) and abiotic (sediment, water) elements within the ecosystem. This integrated approach yields invaluable insights into the multifaceted challenges confronting aquatic environments amid evolving environmental conditions.

The mesodrome is part of AnaEE-Belgium, the national branch of the European infrastructure AnaEE (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems). If you like to make use of the mesodrome facility, please contact Freddy Dardenne.