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The University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) welcomes over 500 students on Erasmus or other exchange programmes every year, from partner institutions all over the world.  

  • UAntwerp is a young and dynamic university that scores well in Young University Rankings 
  • We focus on research, internationalisation and entrepreneurship within a context of student freedom and social responsibility 
  • We have a strong community of international students (172 nationalities) 
  • The city of Antwerp is a vibrant, cultural and charming city in the heart of Europe 

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“I am very thankful to the professors I met in Antwerp because their lectures and their passion helped me to understand what to do with my upcoming Master's and future career. Lecturers do not only give high-quality classes, but they are also very engaging and always ready to help. Doing an exchange in Antwerp gave me the opportunity to delve into topics that aren't taught at my home university, which helped me to better understand my academic interests and career ambitions. Antwerp is an amazing city for an Erasmus student: well-located in the heart of Europe and not too big and it offers a wide range of leisure activities. I would definitely recommend!”

  • Gineva, exchange student from Italy

"My Erasmus experience in Antwerp was an absolute game-changer! From tailoring my Learning Agreement to exploring housing options, the University of Antwerp had my back every step of the way. The Dutch Course and Introduction Day provided the perfect kickstart, and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organised events, like the international brunch and trips to Brussels and the Netherlands, which helped me make friends from around the globe. Navigating Antwerp was very easy, especially with the efficient train connections – I took the train from Frankfurt to Antwerp, for which the Erasmus "Green Travelling" programme also provided additional support. Studying in English, classes with engaging and kind professors, and the city's cultural richness made my time in Antwerp truly unforgettable. If you're contemplating going on exchange to Antwerp, go for itit's an experience you won't forget!"

  • Inga, exchange student from Germany

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