General information

Can I do a study exchange when there is no exchange agreement with my home institution?

No. To be eligible for an study exchange period at our university, it's essential that your institution has a valid bilateral exchange agreement with the University of Antwerp, as this allows you to be nominated. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from students who have not been officially nominated by their home institution.​

How do I apply to study at the University of Antwerp as an exchange student?

I you want to study at the University of Antwerp as an exchange student you should be nominated by your home university first. Unfortunately, we cannot accept application from students who have not been officially nominated by their University. 

What happens after I submit my file?

After the deadline, we'll first check all the application files to make sure they're complete. Then, the faculty will review each file to see if all the academic requirements are met and if the proposed study program can be approved. 

You'll hear back by the end of June about whether you've been accepted as an exchange student.

When will I know whether I’m fully accepted as an exchange student?

In case of study exchange:

After being nominated by your home institution, you will need to fill in your online application by the deadline.

After the first check (to ensure the completeness of your application), the faculty will evaluate your file. It may take up to 6 weeks before you receive further information regarding your approval.

By the end of June, we plan to finalize this process and inform you of your acceptance. For the second term, this will be done by mid-December.

In case of Erasmus traineeship:

If you're interested in doing an Erasmus internship, start by finding a suitable supervisor at UAntwerp. Then, you'll get access to Mobility Online to submit your paperwork. Once everything's done, you'll receive official approval and can enroll as an exchange student at our university.

Is it possible for an exchange student with a disability to study at the University of Antwerp?

Certainly. Everyone is welcome! You can find more information here.

Do I have to pay a tuition fee as an exchange student?

No. When you’re an exchange student, you don’t need to pay a tuition fee as you’re enrolled at your home institution. 

Can I extend my exchange period?

Yes, if approved by your home institution. The maximum exchange period allowed is a full academic year. If  you wish to extend your exchange period, you should contact your home university first and ask for approval. If it has been approved, please contact the international coordinator of the faculty at the University of Antwerp with a study proposal for the extended period.

Academic information


Do I need to know Dutch or French to study at the University of Antwerp?

The language of instruction in Flanders and at the University of Antwerp is Dutch. Most courses are taught in Dutch, but some courses are offered in English. For courses taught in Dutch professors often allow international students to take their examination in English. 

Do I need a language certificate to prove my English language skills?

Yes. It is important to have good knowledge of English. If your first language is not English, you must provide evidence that your spoken and written command of English is adequate by uploading the results of a language test. Check out which language tests are accepted on this page.

Can I take language courses?

The only language courses you can enroll in are language courses offered by Linguapolis. This is an independent language center that provides paid language training. Any credits you may earn from these courses will not appear on your transcript of records, but you will receive a separate certificate upon participation and successful completion.

Course information & Learning agreement

Where can I find a list of all available courses in English?

We provide an overview of the available courses per faculty. If you have any questions, you can contact the international coordinator of your faculty.

When can I register for my courses?

In the course of July (first semester/full year) or in the course of December (second semester) you will receive information about your registration. You will receive your student account that gives you access to the online student administration system (SisA). 

Most faculties also organize an extra info session about courses and course schedule at the beginning of the semester. You will receive information about this later.

Are course schedules and timetables available online?

Only after you have been accepted and have received your login details for SisA, our online administrative platform, can you enroll in your courses and view your timetable.

Can I take courses from different faculties?

Yes, if approved. You can choose courses from faculties other than their own, but this is limited to two courses per faculty and is subject to approval by the relevant international faculty coordinators. 

Can I take up modules of a different level (master – bachelor)?

Yes, but it depends on your academic background. Most courses offered in English are master courses. Keep in mind that you should have obtained a bachelor diploma before you can attend master courses. 

If you have questions about the courses and the academic level, please check the detailed course information on the page of your study programme. You can also contact the international coordinator of your faculty. It can be helpful to send along a copy of your transcript of records to show your academic background. 

What is the minimum number of credits I have to take?

We strongly advise exchange students to sign up for a minimum of 21 credits. You can enroll for up to a maximum 30 credits per semester. 

Who should I indicate on my learning agreement as contact person at the receiving institution?

The contact person is the international coordinator of the faculty.

Prepare for your arrival​​

Do I need to apply for a visa (non-EU nationals)?

You need to apply for a student visa. Do not use a tourist visa when doing an exchange, even if you have a European Union residence permit from another EU country.
Start your visa application at least 3 months in advance.

Does the University of Antwerp offer housing for exchange students?

Yes, we have limited spots available at university residences.

How much will I spend on average per month as a student in Antwerp?

We provide some indications which will allow you to calculate your own budget.

Can I work part time as a student?

Yes, in some cases you can. Keep in mind that, for most jobs, you need to speak Dutch.