Climate Change: The Physical Basis

Climate Change: the Physical Basis

Explore the physical science of climate change


We are currently living in a time of rapid climate change. In-depth understanding of climate change is needed to inform the public and policy makers about its possible consequences.

In this micro-credential, you will be immersed in the physical science of climate change.

You will learn about past and present climate change and what to expect in future. Extreme weather events, for example, are already on the rise and this has consequences for many aspects of our society. Increases in wildfires and crop failures are just a few of these consequences that will be touched on. It will be made clear that urgent action is needed to reduce the risks of climate change and to better deal with the already unavoidable consequences.

Several lectures look into options for climate change mitigation and adaptation, with a strong focus on nature-based solutions.

At the end of this micro-credential, you will be able to understand key scientific principles about climate change and will have a broad idea of what is needed to limit climate change and reduce its impact.

Who for?

The programme is designed for an international and multidisciplinary audience. It suits individuals, professionals and students in developing their knowledge, skills and professional career. 

We welcome participants from universities, research institutions, public institutions and private companies. 

The diversity of the audience has proven to be a significant factor of learning, widening scope and enhancing capabilities.

Sara Vicca explains what this course is about

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