History of the Islamic World

History of the Islamic World


A historical perspective on the 'other'


In this programme you will learn to understand the complex relationships between Muslims and Christians during the pre-modern and modern periods and possesses both a theoretical and a more practical framework to analyse the interactions between the two worlds. You will get a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern politics and society and the role of Islam. As a result you will be able to critically analyse the media, interpret economic interests in political relations and frame the role of identity and nationalism in the Islamic world and Europe.

Who for?

Secondary school teachers (history), staff members of social organisations / civil society / study services and everyone with a broader interest in this subject.

Diversity in general and the relationship with population groups with a Muslim background in particular are a hot topic, both in the classroom context and in wider society. A better understanding of the history of Islam, as well as current issues and problems, contributes to mutual understanding and a nuanced approach to the 'other'. The topics covered in this micro-credential are relevant in various contexts, be it education, media or politics. This micro-credential consists of two course units, each covering long periods in the history of the Islam region.

Working students

For information and advice on combining work and study, you can contact Centrum West. Students who register for a micro-credential in combination with a job can also register as working students to apply for additional facilities.