Teaching staff and methods

Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the programme is a group of dynamic and enthusiastic scholars, with a global view on law, and with special and understanding attention for students coming from abroad. You find more information on the professors’ publications, research and teaching activities, in the study programme by clicking on a specific name.

Teaching methods

All lectures and seminars take place at the Stadscampus, located in the historical centre of Antwerp.

Apart from the direct teaching hours, you have reading obligations and are expected to prepare the seminars, give presentations and write papers throughout the semester. 

In the course descriptions you will find that various teaching methods are used in the programme. Here is a short explanation of the most common ones:

  • lecture is a broad presentation of a subject by the lecturer in oral form, while students listen, take notes and can ask questions at the end of the session. Normally a lecture lasts for 2 hours with a 10-minute break.
  • seminar is an interactive, in-depth discussion of the subject matter between a tutor and a small group of students. Students are required to take an active role, on the basis of a paper/essay they submit or on the basis of prepared cases.
  • paper or essay is usually the course work for a seminar. Students should be able to show that they understand the subject matter, that they have read the essential literature, that they are able to analyse the topic and that they can express themselves clearly and concisely.
  • During the semester, students are expected to participate actively in any course they take. This means preparing for lectures and seminars, doing the necessary homework and carrying out the appropriate assignments. All of this is referred to as course work.