Jan Beyers

"Especially in these turbulent times, sound knowledge on politics will be invaluable"

Prof. Jan Beyers is a Full Professor of Political Science at our university. Both his research and teaching covers topics such as institutional theories, comparative and international politics, European Union politics, interest groups and research methods. His research is published in high ranked journals and he is co-editor of the journal Interest Groups and Advocacy. He holds a research grant of the European Research Council. All of which makes him a true expert in the field of interest groups in political science.

As Aristotle noted already thousands of years ago, "political science is pre-eminently a master-craft… for it is this that ordains which of the sciences are to exist in states".

Prof. Jan Beyers: "Indeed, most of our basic needs that we as human beings wish to realize, cannot be achieved alone, either by individual action, by companies, or the market. For instance, security and safety, roads for transport, networks for communication, regulations for food safety and environmental protection, and rules for health care all depend on robust political institutions and decision-making. Especially in these turbulent times, sound knowledge on this master-craft will be invaluable. And, that’s why we welcome you to study political science."