Wouter Van Dooren

"Nothing is as practical as good theory"

Prof. Wouter Van Dooren is associate professor of public administration and program director of the Master’s programme Political Science. His research studies the interaction between administration, policy and politics. He has been consultant to various national and international organizations (OECD, Worldbank, European Commission). 

Prof. Wouter Van Dooren: “Nothing is as practical as good theory. The academic theories and methods of the Master of Political Science provide you with the skills to become a professional in politics. From a policy analyst in an NGO to a civil servant in an international organization, from a political advisor in a parliament to a staff member in a city administration; you need good analytical skills to perform well in your job. The focus on understanding political decision-making, allows for a direct application of theory to real-world problems. In the Master’s programme, you learn to make sense of the daily stream of political events in order to play your role in the political system."