Jennifer Males

"The 'skills lab' seminar gave me the opportunity to develop real-life skills in the field of political science"

Meet Jennifer Males

"After deciding to relocate to Antwerp for work purposes, I wanted to recommence my studies. I had already graduated from my bachelor in Criminology and Social Policy in the UK seven years prior to arriving in Antwerp and was looking for an opportunity to study a social science. Luckily, the University of Antwerp offered an international master in Political Science and so I applied for a place on the course starting in 2018. I was delighted to be accepted and begin my journey as a master undergraduate.

The first couple of months were challenging for me as I hadn't previously studied political science and it had been seven years since I was last involved in the world of academia. However, I fully immersed myself in the course and the professors and my fellow students were always supportive."

I really appreciated how professional and organised the course was in general and I was impressed with the elective classes. We were given a few seminars to choose from and I am confident that I learned knowledge and skills from these classes that I will take with me in my future career. I was particularly impressed with the 'skills lab' seminar which gave me the opportunity to develop real-life skills in the field of political science.

After graduation I intend to pursue a career in EU affairs in Brussels. The Master's course not only gave me the knowledge and competences that are desired in the working world, it also allowed me to realise my potential and develop my confidence. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a keen interest in social sciences. It was a challenging but rewarding experience and I will be forever grateful for the doors it has opened for my future career."


In 2020, Jennifer's Master's thesis, titled Did the Blue Planet set the Agenda for Plastic Pollution? An Explorative Study on the Influence of a Documentary on the Public, Media and Political Agendas was published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Communication.