Output of ECD Uganda Seminar

Future of Evaluation

Co-created output

More than twenty seminar participants presented their work on strengthening national evaluation capacities at the poster reception during the Evaluation Fair.
Have a look at the presented posters in the seminar booklet.

During the ideas lab and the co-creation lab workshop, the participants jointly brainstormed on identifying some of the opportunities and challenges for the future of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).  In working groups, participants imagined the future of M&E from the presepctive of  one particular subsector within the evaluation eco-system, namely; Youth in evaluation, VOPEs, Policy actors, International actors, Academia.

The co-created output of the various perspectives is summarised in an infographics as well as several blog posts.

Infographics The future of Evaluation

Discover diverse perspectives on the future of evaluation presented in insightful infographics.