Clinical internships during your studies

Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

This programme puts particular emphasis on clinical practice and has built up an extensive internship network in Belgium and abroad. Your internship hours are the bridge between your studies and your professional career.

During a series of different clinical internships you will learn how to deal with a variety of patients and diseases. The first year of the programme includes 12 weeks of clinical internships at different locations in Antwerp and its periphery. In your second year the internships last 13 weeks and are more related to your major.

Internship positions are available in university and regional hospitals, polyclinics, pediatric departments in hospitals, schools for special education, rehabilitation centers, private practices, sports clubs and so on. You can also choose to do a traineeship abroad. 

During your internships you will be guided and evaluated by a supervisor from the faculty and by an on-site mentor. They will evaluate the practical execution of physiotherapeutic techniques, your theoretical knowledge, your social skills towards colleagues, medical doctors and patients, and your written reports.