Quality assurance

Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

At the University of Antwerp, we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year three, we review the quality assurance of the programme during the internal process monitoring and control. In the spring of 2017 this was done for the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

Year six concludes the cycle with a peer review. The study programme reflects on itself and has  discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student. 

On 16 and 17 November 2020 the peer review team visited the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and decided to confirm confidence in the programme.

The programme has a strong and dynamic team of lecturers and educational support staff who have shown great flexibility in dealing with the challenges they face. The programme consults regularly with student representatives. They want to further formalize the student participation by increasing the number of student representatives in consultative bodies.

The programme is characterized by the early introduction of skills training into the curriculum. Not only physiotherapeutic technical skills are taught. Students also learn communication and social skills with an eye for diversity and multidisciplinarity. Master students are deployed as tutors to help bachelor students by practicing certain techniques. Through the internships students get to know the professional field. The central point of contact regarding the internships, both for the mentors and for the students, is a great asset. The programme wants to make the evaluation of the internships more transparent and explicit.

The programme is well aware of the presence of diversity, both among their students and in the professional field. They’re going to define specific activities and competences regarding diversity. Study career coaching is a strength of the programme, especially the personal approach with coaches and (individual) feedback. 

With regard to technology in health care, the programme also wants to formulate competences. In collaboration with the professional field, they want to enable students to gain practical experience with these new technologies.

Facts and figures

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