Preparation course Mathematics

16 - 20 september 2024

About this course

This preparation course in mathematics will be organised in Dutch and in English for new students of the Bachelor Social-Economic Sciences. For information about this preparation course in Dutch: check this webpage.

During this preparation course, you will be able to follow lessons and do exercises on the secondary school subjects that you need to have mastered by the start of the academic year.

The lessons in the morning are taught in Dutch, but there are videos available with the content of these lessons in English. You can find the videos on the online platform Get started. In the afternoon you can join the practice sessions on campus or online. The exercises will also be offered in English.

Participation in this course is optional. You can choose to follow the lessons on one or more days. If you want to participate, registration in advance is mandatory. 

These classes are free and take place online and at the Stadscampus of UAntwerpen.

If you have questions or need more information, you can contact Ida Ruts: .​

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Monday 16 September 2024
  • Preparation: Videos Arithmetic
  • 2PM – 5PM: Related exercises   
Tuesday 17 September 2024
  •  Preparation: Videos Polynomials and (systems of) equations 
  •  2PM – 5PM: Related exercises   
Wednesday 18 September 2024
  •  Preparation: Videos Trigonometry 
  •  2PM – 5PM: Related exercises    
Thursday 19 September 2024
  •  Preparation: Videos Lines, Inequalities and Functions 
  •  2PM – 5PM: Related exercises   
Friday 20 September 2024
  •  Preparation: Videos Derivatives
  • 2PM – 5PM: Related exercises + Extra exercises on all subjects

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