Social Sciences

Academic English Preparatory Course (online)

7 - 9 September 2022

About this course

This online three-day preparatory summer course helps you improve the Academic English skills you will need in the Bachelor Social-Economic Sciences and the Master Political Science. The course is a combination of online lessons and self-study activities focusing on useful strategies, tips and tricks and practice.

The course is a combination of five Academic English modules:

  • Academic Reading: strategies to understand the main idea and the details of English formal and academic texts
  • Academic Listening: strategies to understand the main idea and the details of English lectures and videos
  • Academic Vocabulary: tips and tricks to help you understand and use English academic vocabulary
  • Grammar Revision: theory and exercises related to typical grammar pitfalls
  • Academic Writing

The modules focus on

  • characteristics of Academic English
  • examples of good practice
  • tips and tricks to improve your skills and help you avoid pitfalls
  • English language revision
  • practice through online exercises and classroom activities

Register for this course

Registrations are closed. This course took place from 7 - 9 September 2022. 

There is a self-study pack Academic English available on the online platform Get started (see below).

Online platform Get Started

Want to know if you are well prepared? The online platform Get Started offers free online self-study packs 'English' and 'Mathematics' with self-tests, study materials and exercises with feedback to prepare for the English-language Bachelor of Social-Economic Sciences. 

These packs will help you:

  • get a clear picture of the prior knowledge you are expected to have
  • ​test your prior knowledge
  • gain more prior knowledge
  • make a well-considered study choice


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