Scholarships for University of Antwerp Students

Two types of scholarships are available for students who are currently enrolled as regular students of the University of Antwerp. 

  1. Refund of €150/student after attending a summer school organised at Antwerp Summer University. An overview of all eligible summer schools can be found here. Students should prefinance the full registration fee and can claim a reimbursement of the allowance after submitting a certificate of attendance and proof of payment to the Antwerp Summer University Office. The following students qualify for this refund: University of Antwerp students regularly enrolled under a diploma contract in a Bachelor, Master, Advanced Master, Preparatory Programme, Bridging Programme or Academic Teaching Programme, in either academic year 2020-2021 or 2021-2022. 
  2. Scholarship for a short international experience for students who qualify for financial aid by the Department of Social, Cultural and Studentaffairs (SCS) .

Please refer to Blackboard ("een internationale ervaring > beurzen") or contact the Antwerp Summer University Office for more information on these scholarships.

Scholarships and reduced registration fees for incoming students

Some summer schools organised by Antwerp Summer University offer the following opportunities for scholarships and/or reduced registration fees.

  • Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics
    Reduced registration fee for students - €450
  • Arts, Ontology and Politics
    Reduced early registration fee for Bachelor and Master students (reg. before 25 May) - €200
  • Children's Literature Summer School:
    Reduced early registration fee (registration before 1 February) - €450
  • INSPIRE Summer School: Safety Pharmacology in Drug Development:
    Reduced registration fee for INSPIRE Early Stage Researchers - free of charge 
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Health Care
    Reduced early registration fee (registration before 1 May) - €940
    Reduced registration fee for Master students (max 5 students) - €640
  • Modelling infectious diseases and health economics
    Reduced registration fee for students - €300
  • Summer School on Fashion Management
    Reduced registration fee for students - €1000
  • The Sustainable City
    Reduced registration fee for Master of History students (max 2 students) - free of charge 
  • ALGAR 2021: Systems of quadratic forms over arithmetic fields
    Reduced registration fee for restricted attendance online - €40
  • Summer School on Vaccinology
    Scholarships are available for undergraduate students from the WHO-European region. ESPID-members (for at least two years) benefit from a reduced registration fee - €600
  • Storytelling in virtual reality. An immersive encounter.
    Reduced registration fee for students - €500

Reduced fees for refugees residing in Belgium

Attending a summer school is a low-threshold opportunity for refugees to get to know Flemish Higher Education. From summer 2018 onwards, a limited number of reduced registration fees (€50 or €100) for refugees is made available by University of Antwerp.

Admission requirements and eligibility

  • The admission requirements for refugees with foreign pre-qualifications are the same as those for all summer school participants. Please note that each summer school has its own specific admission requirements, including prior qualifications. For details, please visit the webpage of the summer school of your preference.
  • English is the language of instruction of all programmes within Antwerp Summer University. As active participation is compulsory in all summer schools, English proficiency in reading, speaking and writing is  required.
  • In order to be eligible for a reduced registration fee, the candidate should belong to one of the following categories: asylum seeker / refugee status / subsidiary protection or a family member being reunited with a refugee.
  • Candidates should (have) complete(d) a study orientation plan at Atlas. Candidates who are/have already been enrolled at a Flemish Higher Education Institution are not eligible for this reduced fee. Contact information is available on this webpage.


  • Applications can be submitted by filling in the online registration form via Mobility Online. Candidates have to fill in personal details, upload some documents and complete extra specific questions per summer school.
  • Depending on the category, candidates for these reduced fees have to upload (a) different document(s):
    • asylum seekers
      Scan of Annex 26 (issued by the Immigration Office in Brussels)
    • recognised refugees:
      Scan both sides residence permit
    • a person receiving protection on humanitarian grounds (Dutch: subsidiair beschermde)
      Scan of the letter issued by the “office of the commissioner general for refugees and stateless persons”
    • a family member being reunited with a refugee
      Scan of both sides of the residence permit of your family member
      Proof of family composition.
  • Application deadlines vary between summer schools. Please refer to the webpage of your preferred summer school to find out more.

Overview fees and summer schools

An overview of all summer schools, including periods and application deadlines, can be found here

  • Registration fee of €50
    • Children's Literature Summer School
    • INSPIRE Summer School: Safety Pharmacology in Drug Development
    • International Relations in a post-hegemonic world, organised by the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations
    • Jesuit Heritage Summer School: Art and Architecture
    • Legal technology and legal innovation
    • Qualitative Research Methods in Health Care
    • The Sustainable City: An Integrated Perspective
    • Arts, Ontology and Politics
    • Companies crossing Borders
    • Summer School on Vaccinology
    • ALGAR 2021: Systems of quadratic forms over arithmetic fields
  • Registration fee of €100
    • Europe: Diversity and Migration
    • English for Academic Purposes. Improving your university papers and presentations
    • Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics
    • Summer School on Fashion Management
    • Storytelling in virtual reality. An immersive encounter.

Contact and more information

  • For more information on Antwerp Summer University and the application procedure, please contact Mr Wannes Gijsels ( or +32 32654382).
  • For special information for refugees looking to study at the University of Antwerp, please visit this webpage or make an appointment with Ms Parul Goel ( or +32 3265 3191).