Muskan, India, Europe: Diversity and Migration:“Attending summer school program at UAntwerp is a rollercoaster ride which is full of adventures and I would trade anything to re-live it all again. Being an Indian, I was exposed to a plethora of cultures, religions and languages since childhood. However, there was a part of me that wanted to know how this humungous diversity operates on a global level and my dream to witness it first hand came true in June'22. I had the fortune to attend the 13th edition of Summer School Program titled, "Europe: Diversity and Migration" organized by the prestigious University of Antwerp. The faculty and staff at UAntwerpen were beyond courteous and made sure each and every participant feels at home. On top of it, the beautiful Antwerpen city, truly helped me blend with the European culture. Lastly, the course curriculum covered all the aspects of diversity, which I believe would help me work with a diverse workforce effectively in the near future.

Karo, Belgium, Vaccinology: If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on infectious diseases and vaccines, you should apply for the summerschool on Vaccinology. The one week program covers almost every topic of vaccinology; Vaccin development, vaccine safety monitoring, vaccine programme evaluation … Meeting the great staff, speakers and amazing people of different nationalities is such an eye opening experience.

José, Philippines, Legal Innovation and Legal Technology:
The Legal Innovation and Legal Technology Summer School will not only increase your technical aptitude, but will also provide an insight on the current developments in the legal technological landscape that is happening. I truly enjoyed this summer school because it was clear, fun, and the people I met were just amazing. This programme fosters not just learning but networking and experience the beautiful Antwerp.

Taiwo Abisola, Nigeria, Urban Logistics:I gained a lot of knowledge in regards to last mile logistics in Antwerp and how the stakeholders are involved in the urban mobility planning in Belgium. The professors and professional experts were open to discussions and we visited the city of Mechelen which is the industrial city of Belgium and saw the adoption of zero carbon emmission vehicles used for last mile delivery. The social activities were entertaining and related to the course.

Anjeza, Albania, City Lab: The summer programme CityLab VIII: creating healthy cities-an integrated approach was an amazing experience. I made the right choice coming to Antwerp Summer University. I learned so much in only one week and had an amazing time doing so. The Summer School was a new horizon for me as an architect and allowed me to learn new skills in an interdisciplinary environment.

Isaie, Rwanda, Children's Literature:
 “I learnt a lot from the presentations and social activities, but most importantly the side-chats I had with participants and speakers. I left Antwerp with confidence in my career growth plan in Children’s Literature and Media - the field I have been in for 8 years now and that I enjoy the most.

Faisalkhan Pathan, India, Urban Logistics: “I recently graduated MSc. Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management (CIPS & CILT) from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. Summer study at the University of Antwerp was a fascinating and fulfilling experience for me. Antwerp, the largest city in Flanders, is a metropolis with a small-town vibe and is home to 174 different nationalities. Visitors can swiftly experience all its styles, colours, and flavours even though everyone knows each other. The second-largest port in Europe, Antwerp is in Belgium and is best known as the world's diamond capital. The University Campus is conveniently situated in the heart of Antwerp City, next to the lovely River Scheldt, and offers breathtaking views all around campus. Both the faculty and the students are welcoming and diverse. The summer school coördinators in Antwerp gave me a warm welcome. The summer school on Urban Logistics began with Professor Dr Thierry Vanelslander on the Introduction to Transport Economies. We investigated the role that logistics systems play in more general economic activity as well as the effects that transportation has on economic structures, logistics systems, consumer purchasing patterns, and the importance of freight and passengers. I also had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the CEOs of Antwerp City and the City Mobility Coordinators of Antwerp, Mechelen, and Ghent to learn first-hand how sustainable modes of mobility address various problems and challenges and to learn more about their upcoming projects. Moreover, the professors and researchers from New York, Italy, Greece and from around the globe for sharing their valuable knowledge/ practical experience which will become instrumental in future to propel & excel in the field of urbanlogistics & mobility. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I was given to grow and learn, In the company of such a diverse and talented group of people gathered at one place Antwerp Summer & Winter University.

 Going to new areas and meeting new people made me feel as though I was learning something new every day. The most rewarding experience, in my opinion, has been connecting with people from all over the world by participating in the greatest programme. I've met a variety of individuals from both Europe and other parts of the world who combine distinctive elements of many cultures to form diverse friendships and highly satisfying partnerships.  The opportunity to tour Antwerp and the neighbouring city Mechelen, where we learned how the city plans to increase the sustainability and efficiency of urban freight by limiting vehicle movements, cutting down on driving time, and cutting CO2 emissions, was another aspect of the social activities that I really enjoyed. A wonderful city tour of Mechelen was followed by a BBQ session organised by Antwerp Summer & Winter University. Furthermore, We had a bike tour to visit two of the most reputed companies BMB and DHL Express to the Blue Gate formally known as Petroleum South of Antwerp. The region emphasises circulareconomy, sustainability and sustainable logistics. These companies focus on urban distribution and proper utilization of cargo bikes to achieve co2 neutrally. We've taken numerous day trips, but my favourite was the Street Art Tour, where the tour guide taught us about Antwerp's cultural legacy through the artwork.

Through this excursion, I learned more about Belgian culture and the city's history, which I feel to be a rewarding knowledge. I find the idea of urban logistics to be quite intriguing because it allows me to gain information practically, a knowledge that I aim to use to one day manage my team. The Port of Antwerp, one of Europe's largest seaports, was also visited on a tour organised by Antwerp Summer University, and it was just stunning. There are numerous activities, excellent dining options, and shopping options in Antwerp, which also has a strong cultural past. Despite coming from a different nation, I found it quite easy to follow what was being taught since I thought the teaching technique was excellent. The experience has been tremendously enlightening and helpful thus far. I enjoy urban culture, upbeat vibes, people, and the University of Antwerp campus. If I ever have the chance, I would love to continue my doctoral studies at Antwerp University or pursue a professional career there as a staff member or instructor to relive the experiences I had on my brief trip.”