The BIOPAC MP36R is a four-channel data acquisition system for life science research. The system features built-in universal amplifiers that record a wide range of physiological signals. Our unit comes with the AcqKnowledge 4 software used for the analysis of ECG (electrocardiogram - electrical heart activity), HRV (heart rate variability), EEG (electroencephalography - brain waves), EMG (electromyography - electrical muscle activity), and many more.

In our lab, BIOPAC is mostly used to record the physiological reactions to media-related stimuli. For example, it is possible to record the general stress levels, acute stress responses, openness to social interactions, emotional microexpressions or even the brain activity of participants. Used in conjunction with AcqKnowledge software and BIOPAC electrodes, the MP36R is part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

How to use BIOPAC? 

Click here for a manual on how to use the software of BIOPAC and for instructional videos on the use of BIOPAC. If you experience troubles while using BIOPAC, you can check out this site on troubleshooting