NeuroElectrics Enobio 8

The Enobio is a wearable (i.e. mobile) EEG sensor system. It allows for recording electrical activity in the brain. Because the Enobio is wireless, it can be used in more naturalistic settings outside of the lab. The included software allows for real time 3D spectral visualizations.

This EEG recording device will be used in experiments on interest, approach-avoidance behaviour, emotional processing and cognitive workload (i.e. frontal asymmetry), amongst others.

The Enobio 8 wearable is used together with the iMotions software package.

Amount: 1

How can I use the Enobio 8? 

NeuroElectronics provide multiple instruction manual, going from the use of the system to the use of electrodes. All instruction manuals can be found here