Polar Watch V2

The Polar Watch Vantage V2 is a consumer wearable device that allows researchers to track phsyical and physiological parameters at rest or during specific activities such as sports. It features a 3D accelerometer for speed and movement tracking, along with a heart rate sensor.  

When paired with the Polar chest strap H10, it reliably assesses resting heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV). Previous studies in the lab have used the Polar Watch to detect physical and psychological stress by monitoring HRV over a longer period of time. Researchers can easily access the collected data by logging in to Polar Flow, a web-based application that allows researchers to download the data in csv-format. 

Amount: 3 

How to use Polar Watch V2? 

A online manual can be found here.

Polar Watch Vantage V3

The Polar Watch V3 is the latest wearable consumer device of Polar. Similar to the Polar Watch V800, it can be used with the Polar Chest Strap H10 and has sensors to measure movement, speed and heart rate (variability). 

Amount: 10 

How to use Polar Watch Vantage V3? 

A online manual can be found here

Polar Chest Strap H10

The Polar Chest Strap is a wearable that is designed to measure heart rate (variability) . In contrast to Polar Watches, it does not make use of PPG or OHR, as it uses a different method (ECG) and sensor to measure heart rate variability. In general, it is argued that chest straps are more reliable to measure heart rate (variability). Previous research in the lab have used the chest strap to measure phsyical and psychological stress. 

Amount: 13 

How to use Polar H10 chest strap? 

A general manual can be found here. The chest strap can be used without a Polar Watch, as the sensor of the polar H10 can directly connect with the Polar Beat app. An instruction video on how to connect the chest strap with the Polar Beat app can be found here.