Empatica E4 Wristbands

The Empatica E4 wristband is a wearable research device that offers real-time physiological data acquisition. This device is equipped with:

  • PPG sensor: measures heart rate variability through blood volume pulse
  • EDA sensor: measures electrodermal activity and electrical proporties on human skin
  • 3-axis accelerometer: measures acceleration & movement
  • Infrared thermopile: measures skin temperature

The included Empatica software helps to import, export and visualise collected data. In our lab, the Empatica is used to measure the level of arousal within individuals in a laboratory and/or naturalistic setting, for example, to study stress and emotions.How to use Empatica? 

Click here for a manual on how to use Empatica and for the starter's guide. If you experience troubles while using the Empatica, you can check out this site on troubleshooting