Both eye trackers in the lab are screen)based eye tracking systems that capture gaze data. They are able to show exactly where people are gazing at for how long. 

The Tobii Pro X3-120 tracks eye movements at 120 Hz. It is a mobile and ultraslim system that can be attached to a computer or laptop, making it operational for both in- and outside the lab environment. This eye tracker is used on a laptop (DELL precision 7710) with the Tobii Pro Studio Software package, which is used to design the experiments, to visualise, to analyse and to extract data. 

The Tobii Pro Spectrum is a screen integrated system recording at up to 1200 Hz. This eye tracker enables a more in depth study of micro-processes related to eye movement behavior. It is used as a fixed setup (on a Dell Precision 3630 desktop) with the Tobii Pro Lab Software Package. This software packages is used to design and conduct eye tracking experiments, and to visualise, analyse and extract data. This setup allows us to integrate eye tracking data with EDA measures (such as Shimmer 3, Biopack and iMotions) in order to measure cognitive and emotional processes on a computer screen. 

How to use Tobii Pro X3-120 Eye tracker & Tobii Pro Spectrum? 

Click here for an online manual and instrucational videos on how to use Tobii Pro X3-120 Eye tracker. Click here for an online guide on Tobii Pro Spectrum