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Evaluation of the fouling resistance of methyl grafted ceramic membranes for inorganic foulants and co-effects of organic foulants
Ghulam Mustafa   Wyns Kenny   Janssens Siebe   Meynen Vera   Buekenhoudt Anita  
Separation and purification technology - ISSN 1383-5866-193 (2018) p. 29-37
Preparation of CuO/SBA-15 catalyst by the modified ammonia driven deposition precipitation method with a high thermal stability and an efficient automotive CO and hydrocarbons conversion
Xin Qi   Papavasiliou Aggeliki   Boukos Nikos   Glisenti Antonella   Pui Ho Li Jerry   Yang Yong   Philippopoulos Constantine J.   Poulakis Evangelos   Katsaros Fotis K.   Meynen Vera   Cool Pegie  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-223 (2018) p. 103-115
The influence of acids on tuning the pore size of mesoporous $TiO_{2}$ templated by non-ionic block copolymers
Loreto Stefano   Vanrompay Hans   Mertens Myrjam   Bals Sara   Meynen Vera  
European journal of inorganic chemistry - ISSN 1434-1948-1 (2018) p. 62-65
Novel magnetic nanocomposites containing quaternary ferrites systems $Co_{0.5}Zn_{0.25}M_{0.25}Fe_{2}O_{4}$ (M = Ni, Cu, Mn, Mg) and $TiO_{2}$-anatase phase as photocatalysts for wastewater remediation under solar light irradiation
Ciocarlan Radu-George   Seftel Elena   Mertens Myrjam   Pui Aurel   Mazaj Matjaz   Novak Tusar Natasa   Cool Pegie  
Materials science and engineering: part B: solid state materials for advanced technology - ISSN 0921-5107-230 (2018) p. 1-7
Balancing nanotoxicity and returns in health applications : the prisoner's dilemma
Gkika Despoina   Magafas L.   Cool Pegie   Braet Johan  
Toxicology - ISSN 0300-483X-393 (2018) p. 83-89
Periodic mesoporous organosilicas : versatile materials hosting catalytic centers
Huybrechts Ward  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Chemie, 2018,133 p.
Identifying intermediates in the reductive intramolecular cyclisation of allyl 2-bromobenzyl ether by an improved electron paramagnetic resonance spectroelectrochemical electrode design combined with density functional theory calculations
Pauwels Danny   Ching Hong Yue Vincent   Samanipour Mohammad   Neukermans Sander   Hereijgers Jonas   Van Doorslaer Sabine   De Wael Karolien   Breugelmans Tom  
Electrochimica acta - ISSN 0013-4686-271 (2018) p. 10-18
PGM-free $CuO/LaCoO_{3}$ nanocomposites : new opportunities for TWC application
Pacella M.   Garbujo A.   Fabro J.   Guiotto M.   Xin Qi   Natile M. M.   Canu P.   Cool Pegie   Glisenti A.  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-227 (2018) p. 446-458
Impact of inorganic waste fines on structure of mullite microspheres by reaction sintering
Pype Judith   Michielsen B.   Mullens S.   Meynen Vera  
Journal of the European Ceramic Society - ISSN 0955-2219-38:6 (2018) p. 2612-2620
In situ synthesis of $Bi_{2}O_{3}$ nanoparticles on ZincMe (Me = Al or Cr) layered double hydroxide frameworks for photocatalytic oxygen evolution from water under solar-light activation
Carja Gabriela   Gilea Diana   Cool Pegie   Seftel Elena  
ChemCatChem - ISSN 1867-3880-10:7 (2018) p. 1598-1606
A packed-bed DBD micro plasma reactor for $CO_{2}$ dissociation : does size matter?
Uytdenhouwen Yannick   Van Alphen S.   Michielsen Inne   Meynen Vera   Cool Pegie   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-348 (2018) p. 557-568
Applicability of fine industrial metallic iron-rich waste powders for hydrothermal production of hydrogen gas : the influence of non-ferrous contaminants
Michiels Koen   Haesen Alexander   Meynen Vera   Spooren Jeroen  
Journal of cleaner production - ISSN 0959-6526-195 (2018) p. 674-686
Template-free aqueous tape casting of hydrothermally synthesized barium titanate powder and the fabrication of highly {001}-{100} textured tapes
Özen Murat   Mertens Myrjam   Snijkers Frans   Cool Pegie  
Ceramics international - ISSN 0272-8842-44:8 (2018) p. 9720-9727
Exploring droplet coagulation for shaping ceramics : a physico-chemical study
Pype Judith  
Antwerpen, 2018,233 p.
Surface modified titanium dioxide using transition metals: nickel as a winning transition metal for solar light photocatalysis
Suligoj Andraz   Arcon Iztok   Mazaj Matjaz   Drazic Goran   Arcon Denis   Cool Pegie   Stangar Urska Lavrencic   Tusar Natasa Novak  
Journal of materials chemistry A : materials for energy and sustainability - ISSN 2050-7488-6:21 (2018) p. 9882-9892

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