Microbiology labs

Getinge Bioreactors (3 and 7 litres volume)
Spray dryer
CX41 microscope, Olympus
Fluorescence microscope, Leica
Multi-Mode Reader Synergy HT, BioTek
Multi-Mode Reader, BMG Labtech
GENESYS™ 20 Visible Spectrophotometer, Thermo Scientific
Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation Systems
Sonicator, Thermo Scientific
UV disinfection chamber
Dedicated laminar flows, incubators, warm water baths, centrigufes, balances, pH meters, microwave, fridges and freezers

Molecular biology labs

MasterCycler Nexus (gradient) PCR machine, Eppendorf
MasterCycler Nexus PCR machine, Eppendorf
Nexus GX2e PCR machine, Eppendorf
Qubit Fluorometer
FastGene GelPic LED box, Genetics
MinION Mk1B, Oxford Nanopore
MinION Mk1C, Oxford Nanopore
AKTA PURE protein purification system, GElifescience
PowerBlotter, Invitrogen
DNA extraction robot, Qiagen
Dedicated (micro)centrifuges, microwave, fridges and freezer

Cell culture lab

Eve Cell Counter, NanoEnTek
Cell Sceptor cell counter, Merck
Microscope visiscope series 400, VWR
Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation jar, Taylor-Wharton
Dedicated laminar flow, CO2 incubator and centrifuge