Alba Alvarez Martin

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Rapid evaluation of the debromination mechanism of eosin in oil paint by direct analysis in real time and direct infusion-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Alvarez-Martin Alba   Cleland Timothy P.   Kavich Gwenaelle M.   Janssens Koen   Newsome G. Asher  
Analytical chemistry - ISSN 0003-2700-91:16 (2019) p. 10856-10863
Protecting and stimulating effect on the degradation of eosin lakes. Part 1 : lead white and cobalt blue
Alvarez-Martin Alba   Janssens Koen  
Microchemical journal - ISSN 0026-265X-141 (2018) p. 51-63
Photodegradation mechanisms and kinetics of Eosin-Y in oxic and anoxic conditions
Alvarez-Martin Alba   Trashin Stanislav   Cuykx Matthias   Covaci Adrian   De Wael Karolien   Janssens Koen  
Dyes and pigments - ISSN 0143-7208-145 (2017) p. 376-384
Sorption and desorption of organophosphate esters with different hydrophobicity by soils
Cristale Joyce   Alvarez-Martin Alba   Rodriguez-Cruz Sonia   Sanchez-Martin Maria J.   Lacorte Silvia  
Environmental Science and Pollution Research - ISSN 0944-1344-24:36 (2017) p. 27870-27878
Leaching of two fungicides in spent mushroom substrate amended soil: Influence of amendment rate, fungicide ageing and flow condition
Alvarez-Martin Alba   Sanchez-Martin Maria J.   Ordax Jose M.   Marin-Benito Jesus M.   Sonia Rodriguez-Cruz M.  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-584 (2017) p. 828-837

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