Annie Pinxten

Academisch medewerker (ZAP)

Publicaties in de kijker

Personality and plasticity in neophobia levels vary with anthropogenic disturbance but not toxic metal exposure in urban great tits Urban disturbance, metal pollution and neophobia
Grunst Andrea   Grunst Melissa   Pinxten Rianne   Eens Marcel  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-656 (2019) p. 997-1009
Artificial light at night does not affect telomere shortening in a developing free-living songbird : artificial light at night and telomere dynamics
Grunst Melissa   Raap Thomas   Grunst Andrea   Pinxten Rianne   Eens Marcel  
The science of the total environment - ISSN 0048-9697-662 (2019) p. 266-275
Nest defence behavioural reaction norms : testing life-history and parental investment theory predictions
Thys Bert   Lambreghts Yorick   Pinxten Rianne   Eens Marcel  
Royal Society Open Science - ISSN 2054-5703-6:4 (2019)
Artificial light at night causes an unexpected increase in oxalate in developing male songbirds
Raap Thomas   Pinxten Rianne   Eens Marcel  
Conservation physiology - ISSN 2051-1434-6 (2018) p. 1-7
Team teaching during field experiences in teacher education : exploring the assistant teaching model
Baeten Marlies   Simons Mathea   Schelfhout Wouter   Pinxten Rianne  
European journal of teacher education: journal of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe - ISSN 0261-9768-41:3 (2018) p. 377-397

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