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Caroline Masquillier is a FWO post-doc fellow at the department of Sociology, University of Antwerp. Her research focuses on the social aspects of the HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa and children with special needs in Uganda. During her PhD research, she conducted fieldwork in townships on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa, in order to shed light on the role of household dynamics in community-based HIV care. For her PhD research she received the Prize of the Scientific Foundation of the Royal Flemish Academy of Science and Arts. During her FWO post-doc fellowship, she is performing a cluster randomized controlled trial on an HIV household Competent intervention for people living with HIV in South Africa (

Furthermore, she started ‘Field’ (, a creative science communication platform, which helps scientists of all domains to communicate their research results and the value of their work in an engaging and creative way. For her project Field, Caroline received a Vocatio prize in 2017 (, the year Prize for Science Communication of the Scientific Foundation of the Royal Flemish Academy of Science and Arts in 2018 and the prize for science communication Gust Bouwen from the University of Antwerp in 2019 (

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