Carolyn Declerck


Publicaties in de kijker

Trust as commodity : social value orientation affects the neural substrates of learning to cooperate
Lambert Bruno   Declerck Carolyn   Emonds Griet   Boone Christophe  
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience - ISSN 1749-5016- (2017) p. 1-9
Neuroeconomics of prosocial behavior : the compassionate egoist
Declerck Carolyn   Boone Christophe  
Academic Press, 2015,186 p.
The effect of oxytocin on cooperation in a prisoner's dilemma depends on the social context and a person's social value orientation
Declerck Carolyn   Boone Christophe   Kiyonari Toko  
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience - ISSN 1749-5016-9:6 (2014) p. 802-809
Establishing cooperation in a mixed motive social dilemma : an fMRI study investigating the role of social value orientation and dispositional trust
Edmonds G.   Declerck Carolyn   Boone Christophe   Seurinck R.   Achten R.  
Social neuroscience - ISSN 1747-0919-9:1 (2014) p. 10-22
Oxytocin does not make a face appear more trustworthy but improves the accuracy of trustworthiness judgments
Lambert Bruno   Declerck Carolyn   Boone Christophe  
Psychoneuroendocrinology - ISSN 0306-4530-40 (2014) p. 60-68
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