Catherine Windey

Postdoctoral researcher

Publicaties in de kijker

Abstracting Congolese forests : mappings, representational narratives, and the production of the plantation space under REDD+
Windey Catherine  
Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp, 2020,55 p.
Contested mappings in a dynamic space : emerging socio-spatial relationships in the context of REDD+: a case from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Windey Catherine   Van Hecken Gert  
Landscape research - ISSN 0142-6397-p. 1-15
Silencing agency in Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) by essentializing a neoliberal 'Monster' into being : a response to Fletcher & Büscher's PES conceit
Van Hecken Gert   Kolinjivadi Vijay Krishnan   Windey Catherine   McElwee P.   Shapiro-Garza E.   Huybrechs Frédéric   Bastiaensen Johan  
Ecological economics - ISSN 0921-8009-144 (2018) p. 314-318
Towards a power-sensitive and socially-informed analysis of payments for ecosystem services (PES) : addressing the gaps in the current debate
Van Hecken Gert   Bastiaensen Johan   Windey Catherine  
Ecological economics - ISSN 0921-8009-120 (2015) p. 117-125
The frontiers of the debate on payments for ecosystem services : a proposal for innovative future research
Van Hecken Gert   Bastiaensen Johan   Windey Catherine  
Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy and Management, 2015,53 p.

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