Christa Sys


Publicaties in de kijker

In search of the link between ship size and operations
Sys Christa   Blauwens Gust   Omey Eddy   Van de Voorde Eddy   Witlox Frank  
Transportation planning and technology - ISSN 0308-1060-31:4 (2008) p. 435-463
Is the container liner shipping industry an oligopoly?
Sys Christa  
Transport policy - ISSN 0967-070X-16:5 (2010) p. 259-270
Scenarios and strategies for the inland navigation sector
Sys Christa   Vanelslander Thierry  
Future challenges for inland navigation : a scientific appraisal of the consequences of possible strategic and economic development up to 2030 / --p. 217-231
A non-structural test for competition in the container liner shipping industry
Sys Christa   Meersman Hilde   Van de Voorde Eddy  
Maritime policy and management - ISSN 0308-8839-38:3 (2011) p. 219-234

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