Christophe Boone

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Trust as commodity : social value orientation affects the neural substrates of learning to cooperate
Lambert Bruno   Declerck Carolyn   Emonds Griet   Boone Christophe  
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience - ISSN 1749-5016- (2017) p. 1-9
Organizational form emergence : a meta-analysis of the ecological theory of legitimation
Bogaert Sandy   Boone Christophe   Negro Giacomo   van Witteloostuijn Arjen  
Journal of management - ISSN 0149-2063-42:5 (2016) p. 1344-1373
Unraveling the impact of workforce age diversity on labor productivity : the moderating role of firm size and job security
De Meulenaere Kim   Boone Christophe   Buyl Tine  
Journal of organizational behavior - ISSN 1099-1379-37:2 (2016) p. 193-212
Strategic choices at entry and relative survival advantage of cooperatives versus corporations in the US bio-ethanol industry, 1978-2015
Boone Christophe   Ozcan Serden  
The journal of management studies - ISSN 0022-2380-53:7 (2016) p. 1113-1140
Globalization and variants of local adaptation : theory and justification with symbolic logic
Boone Christophe   Péli Gábor  
International sociology: journal of the International Sociological Association - ISSN 0268-5809-31:6 (2016) p. 653-676
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