Gert De Boeck


Publicaties in de kijker

The relevance of therapeutic drug monitoring in plasma and erythrocytes in anti-cancer drug treatment
Dumez Herlinde   Guetens Gunther   De Boeck Gert   Highley Martin S.   Maes Robert A.A.   van Oosterom Allan T.   de Bruijn Ernst  
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine - ISSN 1434-6621-42:11 (2004) p. 1219-1227
Tumour necrosis factor alpha increases melphalan concentration in tumour tissue after isolated limb perfusion
de Wilt J.H.W.   ten Hagen T.L.M.   De Boeck Gert   van Tiel S.T.   de Bruijn E.A.   Eggermont A.M.M.  
The British journal of cancer - ISSN 0007-0920-82:5 (2000) p. 1000-1003
Simultaneous determination of the peptide-mitomycin KW-2149 and its metabolites in plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography
Zhang Z.   Guetens Gunther   De Boeck Gert   van Cauwenberghe Karel   Maes Rémy   Ardiet C.   van Oosterom Allan T.   de Bruijn Ernst  
Journal of chromatography : biomedical applications - ISSN 0378-4347-739:2 (2000) p. 281-289
Isolated hypoxic hepatic perfusion with tumor necrosis factor-alpha, melphalan, and mitomycin C using balloon catheter techniques : a pharmacokinetic study in pigs
van Ijken Marc G.A.   de Bruijn Ernst   De Boeck Gert   ten Hagen Timo L.M.   van der Sijp Joost R.M.   Eggermont Alexander M.M.  
Annals of surgery - ISSN 0003-4932-228:6 (1998) p. 763-770

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