Guido Van Hal

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Is early-onset alcohol use an indicator of problematic alcohol use later in life? Lessons Belgium can learn from the Netherlands
Van Hal Guido F.  
Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research - ISSN 0145-6008-
Comparing web-based versus face-to-face and paper-and-pencil questionnaire data collected through two Belgian health surveys
Braekman Elise   Charafeddine Rana   Demarest Stefaan   Drieskens Sabine   Berete Finaba   Gisle Lydia   Van der Heyden Johan   Van Hal Guido F.  
International journal of public health - ISSN 1661-8556-65:1 (2020) p. 5-16
Popping smart pills in medical school : are competition and stress associated with the misuse of prescription stimulants among students?
De Bruyn Sara   Wouters Edwin   Ponnet Koen   Van Hal Guido F.  
Substance use and misuse - ISSN 1082-6084-54:7p. 1191-1202
Post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer in Belgium : characteristics and influencing factors
Macken Elisabeth   Van Dongen Stefan   De Brabander Isabel   Francque Sven   Driessen Ann   Van Hal Guido F.  
Endoscopy International Open - ISSN 2364-3722-7:5 (2019) p. E717-E727
Information as a crucial factor for toilet training by parents
Van Aggelpoel Tinne   Vermandel Alexandra   Fraeyman Jessica   Massart Michiel   Van Hal Guido F.  
Child: care, health and development - ISSN 0305-1862-45:3 (2019) p. 457-462

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