Ive Marx is hoogleraar aan de Universiteit Antwerpen, waar hij vooral doceert in de opleidingen Sociaal-Economische Wetenschappen en Sociologie. Hij was voorzitter van het departement sociologie (2012-2018) en is voorzitter van de opleiding Sociaal-Economische Wetenschappen.

Hij is directeur van het Centrum voor Sociaal Beleid Herman Deleeck, waar hij onderzoek leidt in de domeinen van inkomens- en vermogensongelijkheid, arbeidsmarkt en migratie. Daarnaast is hij is Research Fellow aan het IZA in Bonn.

Hij studeerde politieke en sociale wetenschappen aan de Universiteiten van Gent en Antwerpen en vervolgens economie aan de Universiteit van York (voor een vollediger CV zie hier

Ive Marx was betrokken in verschillende internationale projecten zoals het European Low Wage Research Network (LoWER), het EQUALSOC Network of Excellence en de EU FP7 projecten GINI  enIMPROVE.

Academische artikelen verschenen in o.a. International Labour Review, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Social Policy, European Journal of Industrial Relations, Journal of Common Market Studies, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Ethical Perspectives, European Journal of Social Security, Journal of European Social Policy, Social Forces, IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, European Sociological Review etc.Hij  heeft verder boeken en boekhoofdstukken gepubliceerd bij Oxford University Press, Routledge, Edward Elgar, Palgrave MacMillan, etc. 

Hij zetelt in de editorial boards van Social Forces, Journal of Social PolicySocial Inclusion en European Policy Analysis.

Hij maakt ook deel uit van de board van Espanet, het belangrijkste netwerk van onderzoekers op vlak van sociaal beleid in Europa.

Hij heeft gewerkt als consultant in meerdere projecten voor de Europese Commissie en de OESO, alsook voor het ILO, de Wereldbank, UNDP, Eurofound en andere organisaties.

Hij schrijft tweewekelijks een column in de Vlaamse krant De Standaard

gsm: 0476 69 32 29

Recente publicaties: 

Raz-Yurovich Liat, Marx Ive (2019), Outsourcing housework and highly skilled women's labour force participation : an analysis of a policy intervention, in European sociological review - ISSN 1468-2672 - (2019), p. 1-20

Marx, I. (2019) "Belgium: Is strong social concertation a driver of upward social convergence?" Forthcoming in Vaughan-Whitehead, D. (ed), Towards Convergence in Europe, Edward Elgar

Marx, I. & G. Verbist (2018), Belgium, a poster child for inclusive growth? In Brian Nolan (ed.), Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries Shared Challenges and Contrasting Fortunes, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018

Marx, I. & L. Van Cant (2017) Belgium, or robust social concertation providing a buffer against growing inequality? in Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead (ed.), Reducing Inequalities in the World of Work, Edward Elgar, 2017

Sarah Marchal, Ive Marx, Gerlinde Verbist 'Income Support Policies for the Working Poor', in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of  In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar

Lane Kenworthy and Ive Marx 'In-work Poverty in the United States',  in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar

Kuypers, S & I. Marx (2017) De verdeling van de vermogens in België: een actualisering, CSB Bericht

Marchal, S. and I. Marx (2017), "Stemming the tide: What have EU countries and the US done to support low-wage workers in an era of downward wage pressures?" in Journal of European Social Policy

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Marx, I, Salanauskaite, L. and G. Verbist (2016), "For the poor, but not only the poor: on the optimal design of redistributive policy", in: Social Forces 95 (1), 1-24

Sarah Kuypers, Ive Marx (2016), 'Social Consertation and Middle Class Stability in Belgium', in Europe's disappearing middle class? Evidence from the world of work / Vaughan-Whitehead, D. [edit.] - ISBN 978-1-78643-059-5 - Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016, p. 112-159 

Horemans, J., Marx, I. and B. Nolan (2016), "Hanging in, but only just: part-time employment and in-work poverty throughout the crisis", IZA Journal of European Labor Studies (2016) 5:5 

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Ive Marx, Brian Nolan (2015), ‘In-work poverty’ in: Reconciling work and poverty reduction : how successful are European welfare states? / Cantillon, Bea [edit.]; Oxford University Press, 2014-p.134-156

Ive Marx, Brian Nolan, Javier Olivera. “The welfare state and anti-poverty policy” in Handbook on income distribution : volume 2A / Atkinson, Anthony B. and François Bourguignon [edit.]; et al., Amsterdam Elsevier, 2014-p.2063-2139

Sarah Marchal, Ive Marx,Natascha Van Mechelen “The great wake-up call? Social citizenship and minimum income provisions in Europe in times of crisis”, in Journal of social policy, 43:2(2014)p.247-267

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Ive Marx,Gerlinde Verbist. “The policy response : boosting employment and social investment” in Changing Inequalities and societal impacts in rich countries : analytical and comparative perspectives / Salverda, Wiemer [edit.]; Oxford University Press, 2014-p.265-293

Ive Marx,Tim Van Rie. “The policy response to inequality : redistributing income”, in Changing inequalities and societal impacts in rich countries : analytical and comparative perspectives / Salverda, Wiemer [edit.]; e.a. Oxford University Press, 2014-p.239-264

Marx, I. (2013), “Why Direct Income Redistribution Matters if We Are Really Concerned with Reducing Poverty” Intereconomics, Vol 48, No. 6· November/December

Het boek 'Minimum Income Protection in Flux', co-edited met Kenneth Nelson (SOFI) verscheen in Palgrave Macmillan's Work and Welfare Series in 2013.

'This book surely deserves an award for its timeliness - and also for its scholarly qualities. It offers a coverage of the key issues related to minimum income protection policies that is simply unmatched, be it in terms of thoroughness, reach or depth: a must-read contribution for anyone working in the social policy field.' - Gosta Esping-Andersen, Professor of Sociology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

'Significant work providing a rich overview of minimum income systems, highly relevant to the current and future EU social policy debate.' - László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Belgium

'We live in a world with ever-increasing inequality in rich European and Anglo -Saxon nations. The minimum income question – the basic right of all persons, especially vulnerable ones like children and the elderly, to sufficient resources to live in a manner compatible with human dignity – takes on new importance in such a world. I urge all who are interested in poverty and inequality, especially policy makers and advocates, to read Marx and Nelson for a refreshing, sobering and important take on the minimum income question.' - Timothy M. Smeeding, Director for the Institute for Research on Poverty and A & S Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, USA

'This volume provides the most authoritative comparative analysis of policy developments in the realm of minimum income rotection available today. Based on unique up-to-date institutional data and rigorous analyses, it yields new insights and is essential reading for all who care about changing welfare states.' - Walter Korpi, Professor of Social Policy, Stockholm University, Sweden

Hij is co-editor van twee boeken over inkomensongelijkheid en de gevolgen daarvan die in 2014 verschenen bij Oxford University Press . In 2016 kwamen paperback edities uit.

Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries' Experiences

Changing Inequalities in Rich CountriesAnalytical and Comparative Perspectives

Samen met Brian Nolan en Javier Olivera schreef hij het hoofdstuk over armoedebeleid en de welvaartsstaat in Atkinson en Bourginon's standaarreferentiewerk 'Handbook of Income Distribution'

In Januari 2018 verschijnt het Handbook of Research on In-Work Poverty bij Edward Elgar. 

A handbook on ‘in-work poverty’ research is long overdue. Here we have a very complete and compelling review of the policy connections between work and low income status from a world class set of contributors. The volume manages to touch on almost all of the key issues related to the world-wide adoption of in-work anti-poverty policies and how they interact with institution, families and society. Bravo!’
– Timothy M. Smeeding, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US


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