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Merging top-down and bottom-up influences on fitting in at school : the role of ethnic congruence in overall and interethnic friendship formation
Demanet Jannick   Van Praag Lore   Van Houtte Mieke  
The sociological quarterly: journal of the Midwest Sociological Society - ISSN 0038-0253-
Van Praag Lore   Verhoeven Marie   Stevens Peter   Van Houtte Mieke  
The Palgrave handbook of race and ethnic inequalities in education / Stevens, Peter [edit.]; Dworkin, A. Gary [edit.]-p. 173-234
Environmental migration and displacement : a new theoretical framework for the study of migration aspirations in response to environmental changes
Van Praag Lore   Timmerman Chris  
Environmental sociology - ISSN 2325-1042- (2019)
Long and winding roads: educational decision- making of youngsters at risk of early school leaving in Flanders
Van Praag Lore   Boone Simon   Van Caudenberg Rut   Nouwen Ward   Timmerman Chris  
Educational studies - ISSN 0305-5698-
Going to work without educational qualifications : school-to-work transitions of early school leavers in Belgium
Van Praag Lore   Clycq Noël  
Journal of youth studies - ISSN 1367-6261- (2019)

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