Mariëlle Leijten


Publicaties in de kijker

Name agreement and naming latencies for typed picture naming in aging adults
Paesen Lise   Leijten Mariëlle  
Clinical linguistics and phonetics - ISSN 0269-9206-33:10-11 (2019) p. 930-948
Mapping master's students' use of external sources in source-based writing in L1 and L2
Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk   Schrijver Iris   Bernolet Sarah   Vangehuchten Lieve  
Studies in second language acquisition - ISSN 0272-2631-41:3 (2019) p. 555-582
A multilingual copy task : measuring typing and motor skills in writing with inputlog
Van Waes Luuk   Leijten Mariëlle   Pauwaert Tom   Van Horenbeeck Eric  
Journal of open research software - ISSN 2049-9647-7:30 (2019) p. 1-8
The diverse field of professional writing : current perspectives on writing in the workplace
Schrijver Iris   Leijten Mariëlle  
Hermes - ISSN 0904-1699-59:1 (2019) p. 7-14
How to typo? Building a process-based model of typographic error revisions
Conijn Maria Anna   van Zaanen Menno   Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk  
The Journal of Writing Analytics - ISSN 2474-7491-3 (2019) p. 69-95
Exploring the process of reading during writing using eye tracking and keystroke logging
De Smet Milou   Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk  
Written communication - ISSN 0741-0883-35:4 (2018) p. 411-447
Reading-to-write tasks for professional purposes in Spanish as a foreign language : an empirical study among 19 master's students
Vangehuchten Lieve   Leijten Mariëlle   Schrijver Iris  
Revista española de lingüística aplicada - ISSN 0213-2028-31:2 (2018) p. 638-659
Hoe schrijven masterstudenten syntheseteksten? Het brongebruik van gevorderde schrijvers in kaart gebracht
Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk   Schrijver Iris   Bernolet Sarah   Vangehuchten Lieve  
Pedagogische studiën - ISSN 0165-0645-94:4 (2017) p. 233-253
Fluency in writing : a multidimensional perspective on writing fluency applied to L1 and L2
Van Waes Luuk   Leijten Mariëlle  
Computers and composition - ISSN 8755-4615-38 (2015) p. 79-95
Writing in the workplace : constructing documents using multiple digital sources
Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk   Schriver Karen   Hayes John R.  
Journal of writing research - ISSN 2030-1006-5:3 (2014) p. 285-337
Keystroke logging in writing research : using inputlog to analyze and visualize writing processess
Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk  
Written communication - ISSN 0741-0883-30:3 (2013) p. 358-392
Correcting text production errors: isolating the effects of writing mode from error span, input mode, and lexicality
Leijten Mariëlle   Van Waes Luuk   Ransdell S.  
Written communication - ISSN 0741-0883-27:2 (2010) p. 189-227
Reading during writing : what does eyetracking research tell us about the interaction between reading and writing processes during text production
Van Waes Luuk   Leijten Mariëlle   Wengelin A.  
2010,P. 735-888
Reading during sentence composing and error correction: a multilevel analysis of the influences of task complexity
Van Waes Luuk   Leijten Mariëlle   Quinlan Thomas  
Reading and writing - ISSN 0922-4777-23:7 (2010) p. 803-834
Error correction strategies of professional speech recognition users: three profiles
Leijten Mariëlle   Janssen Daniel   Van Waes Luuk  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-26:5 (2010) p. 964-975
Writing and speech recognition: observing error correction strategies of professional writers
Leijten Mariëlle  
Utrecht, LOT, 2007,300 p.

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