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Critical dynamics and tree-like spatiotemporal patterns in exciton-polariton condensates
Bobrovska Nataliya   Opala Andrzej   Mietki Pawel   Kulczykowski Michal   Szymczak Piotr   Wouters Michiel   Matuszewski Michal  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-99:20 (2019)
Temporal coherence of a photon condensate : a quantum trajectory description
Verstraelen Wouter   Wouters Michiel  
PHYSICAL REVIEW A - ISSN 2469-9926-100:1 (2019)
Automatic exploration techniques for the numerical continuation of large-scale nonlinear systems
Wouters Michiel  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 2019,307 p.
Gutzwiller Monte Carlo approach for a critical dissipative spin model
Casteels Wim   Wilson Ryan M.   Wouters Michiel  
PHYSICAL REVIEW A - ISSN 2469-9926-97:6 (2018)
Engineering Gaussian states of light from a planar microcavity
Van Regemortel Mathias   Ravets Sylvain   Imamoglu Atac   Carusotto Iacopo   Wouters Michiel  
SciPost Physics - ISSN 2542-4653-5:1 (2018)

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