Nadia Molenaers


Publicaties in de kijker

The rise and demise of European budget support : political economy of collective European Union donor action
Koch Svea-Kristin   Leiderer Stefan   Faust Jörg   Molenaers Nadia  
Development policy review - ISSN 0950-6764-35:4 (2017) p. 455-473
The need to rethink (anti-) corruption
Johnson David   Molenaers Nadia  
Brussels, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), 2017,38 p.
The end of aid as we know it? Some reflections on aid evolutions and aid effectiveness
Molenaers Nadia   Gleiberman Mollie  
Approaches and implementation of Asian and European official development assistance (ODA) : similarities, specificities and convergences / Rollet, Vincent [edit.]-p. 17-34
The quest for aid complementarity : co-operation between Nordic+donors and NGOs
Molenaers Nadia   Gagiano Anna   Renard Robrecht  
Development policy review - ISSN 0950-6764-33:3 (2015) p. 325-354
Political conditionality and EU foreign aid
Molenaers Nadia   Faust J.   Dellepiane S.  
Elsevier, 2015,108 p.
Political ideology, quality at entry and the success of economic reform programs
Smets Lodewijk   Knack Stephen   Molenaers Nadia  
The review of international organizations - ISSN 1559-7431-8:4 (2013) p. 447-476
The quest for aid complementarity : Nordic+donors and NGO co-funding reforms.
Molenaers Nadia   Gagiano Anna   Renard Robrecht  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy and Management, 2013,28 p.

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