Short BIO

Nathalie Holvoet holds a PhD in economics (University of Antwerp, 1999). Her main areas of expertise are ‘monitoring and evaluation’ and ‘gender and development’.

Specific research topics and interests include :
Monitoring and evaluation:

  • M&E and different aid modalities
  • meta-evaluation of national, sector and local M&E systems
  • national evaluation societies/networks
  • use and influence of M&E
  • accountable governance of public service delivery
  • comparative analysis of different M&E arrangements (inside government/outside government/hybrid)

Gender and development: macro and micro-perspectives

  • gender budgeting
  • gender and different aid modalities
  • intrahousehold resource allocation
  • gender and climate change (gender in NAPAs, gender and natural resource management)

Current externally financed research projects include:

  • localised M&E arrangements in Uganda (with N. Molenaers & S. Dewachter & M. Kuppens)(FWO)
  • gender, intrahousehold allocation, climate change (case-study Tanzania) (with A. Crabbé & K. Van Aelst) (BVO)
  • accountable governance of public service delivery (case-study Tanzania) (Vlir-UOS institutional development cooperation with Mzumbe University)
  • accountable governance of public service delivery (case-study Uganda) (with N. Molenaers - Vlir-UOS-TEAM project)
  • gender, intrahousehold time allocation and health status (case-study Uganda) (with V. Nyakato - Vlir-UOS South Initiative)

Supervision of PhD research:

Nathalie Holvoet currently supervises 8 PhD trajectories, related to

  • use/influence of CSO social accountability initiatives (Ghana case study – M. Gildemyn)
  • use/influence of district M&E (Vietnam case study – Ha Minh Tri)
  • effectiveness/impact study of climate change policies (multi-country – D. Innocenti)
  • climate adaptation, gender relations and intrahousehold allocation (Tanzania case study – K. Van Aelst)
  • impact study of local level gender budgeting on maternal health (Uganda case study- P. Bamanyaki)
  • an analysis of household development strategies  and their linkage to River Basin resource degradation (Tanzania case study – C. Shitima)
  • effect of participatory M&E/social accountability initiatives (Uganda case study – M. Kizito)
  • impact study of performance-based finance in the health sector (Uganda case study – D. Renmans)

Policy advisory research and service delivery

She is also involved in policy research and policy advisory work, amongst others for the Belgian Directorate General for Development ( O-platform aid effectiveness, BOS-PRSP with colleagues R. Renard, N. Molenaers and D. Cassimon), Belgian Technical Cooperation, Europeaid, Council of Europe, ILO/ITC, UNDP, UNIFEM (UN-Women), Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has done research missions and policy advisory work in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Kenya and India. She is a member of various professional organizations including the European Evaluation Society, International Development Evaluation Association, European Association of Development Research (co-convenor of the gender and development group) and Vlaams Evaluatieplatform (co-founding member).

She has published in various publication outlets, both nationally (in Dutch) and internationally. Publications include chapters in international peer-reviewed books, policy advisory reports, policy briefs and articles in international peer-reviewed journals (amongst others in Evaluation and Program Planning, Evaluation, The International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, Journal of Modern African Studies, Development and Change, Feminist Economics, Development Policy Review, Journal of International Women’s Studies, Public Administration and Development, American Journal of Evaluation, Health Policy and Planning). For an overview of all publications, please see academic bibliography.