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Training volume is associated with pain sensitivity, but not with endogenous pain modulation, in competitive swimmers
Kuppens Kevin   Feijen Stef   Roussel Nathalie   Nijs Jo   Cras Patrick   van Wilgen Paul   Struyf Filip  
Physical therapy in sport - ISSN 1466-853X-37 (2019) p. 150-156
Age-related kinematic performance should be considered during fast head-neck rotation target task in individuals aged from 8 to 85 years old
Hage Renaud   Dierick Frederic   Roussel Nathalie   Pitance Laurent   Detrembleur Christine  
PeerJ - ISSN 2167-8359-7 (2019)
Gender differences in the association of brain gray matter and pain-related psychosocial characteristics
Malfliet Anneleen   De Pauw Robby   Kregel Jeroen   Coppieters Iris   Meeus Mira   Roussel Nathalie   Danneels Lieven   Cagnie Barbara   Nijs Jo  
Pain physician - ISSN 1533-3159-22:4 (2019) p. E191-E203
Unravelling motor learning processes in theatre performers
Jacobs Emmanuel   Hallemans Ann   Gielen Jan   Van den Dries Luk   Van Moorsel Annouk   Rutgeerts Jonas   Roussel Nathalie  
Motor control: the international journal for the multidisciplinary study of voluntary movement - ISSN 1087-1640-22:2 (2018) p. 134-148
Sensory processing and central pain modulation in patients with chronic shoulder pain : a case-control study
Kuppens Kevin   Hans Guy   Roussel Nathalie   Struyf Filip   Fransen Erik   Cras Patrick   Van Wilgen C.P.   Nijs Jo  
Scandinavian journal of medicine and science in sports - ISSN 0905-7188-28:3 (2018) p. 1183-1192

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