Nick Schryvers

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Enhancement of toughness of Al-to-steel Friction Melt Bonded welds via metallic interlayers
Jimenez-Mena Norberto   Jacques Pascal J.   Ding Lipeng   Gauquelin Nicolas   Schryvers Dominique   Idrissi Hosni   Delannay Francis   Simar Aude  
Materials science and engineering: part A: structural materials: properties, microstructure and processing - ISSN 0921-5093-740 (2019) p. 274-284
Characterization of (Ti,Mo,Cr)C nanoprecipitates in an austenitic stainless steel on the atomic scale
Cautaerts Niels   Delville R.   Stergar E.   Schryvers Dominique   Verwerft M.  
Acta materialia - ISSN 1359-6454-164 (2019) p. 90-98
Influence of $M_{23}C_{6}$ dissolution on the kinetics of ferrite to austenite transformation in Fe-11Cr-0.06C stainless steel
Bettanini Alvise Miotti   Ding Lipeng   Mithieux Jean-Denis   Parrens Coralie   Idrissi Hosni   Schryvers Dominique   Delannay Laurent   Pardoen Thomas   Jacques Pascal J.  
Materials & design - ISSN 0264-1275-162 (2019) p. 362-374
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Hastelloy X produced by HP-SLM (high power selective laser melting)
Montero-Sistiaga Maria L.   Pourbabak Saeid   Van Humbeeck Jan   Schryvers Dominique   Vanmeensel Kim  
Materials & design - ISSN 0264-1275-165 (2019)
ALPHABETA : a dedicated open-source tool for calculating TEM stage tilt angles
Cautaerts Niels   Delville R.   Schryvers Dominique  
Journal of microscopy - ISSN 0022-2720-273:3 (2019) p. 189-198

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