Paul Govaerts


Publicaties in de kijker

Speech understanding in noise with the Roger Pen, Naida CI Q70 processor, and integrated Roger 17 receiver in a multi-talker network
De Ceulaer Geert   Bestel Julie   Muelder Hans E.   Goldbeck Felix   de Varebeke Sebastien Pierre Janssens   Govaerts Paul  
European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology - ISSN 0937-4477-273:5 (2016) p. 1107-1114
Cochlear implantation improves localization ability in patients with unilateral deafness
Tavora-Vieira Dayse   De Ceulaer Geert   Govaerts Paul   Rajan Gunesh P.  
Ear and hearing - ISSN 0196-0202-36:3 (2015) p. E93-E98
Cochlear implant programming : a global survey on the state of the art
Vaerenberg Bart   Smits Cas   De Ceulaer Geert   Govaerts Paul   et al.  
The scientific world journal - ISSN 1537-744X- (2014) p. 1-12
Focal sclerosis of semicircular canals with severe DFNA9 hearing impairment caused by a P51S COCH-mutation : is there a link?
Janssens de Varebeke Sebastien Pierre   Termote Bruno   Van Camp Guy   Govaerts Paul   Schepers Steven   Cox Tony   Deben Kristof   Ketelslagers Katrien   Souverijns Geert  
Otology and neurotology - ISSN 1531-7129-35:6 (2014) p. 1077-1086
A uniform graphical representation of intensity coding in current-generation cochlear implant systems
Vaerenberg Bart   Govaerts Paul   Stainsby Thomas   Nopp Peter   Gault Alexandre   Gnansia Dan  
Ear and hearing - ISSN 0196-0202-35:5 (2014) p. 533-543

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