Peter-Jan Engelen


Publicaties in de kijker

Which firms get punished for unethical behavior? Explaining variation in stock market reactions to corporate misconduct
Carberry Edward J.   Engelen Peter-Jan   Van Essen Marc  
Business ethics quarterly - ISSN 1052-150X-28:2 (2018) p. 119-151
When do firms invest in corporate social responsibility? A real option framework
Cassimon Danny   Engelen Peter-Jan   Van Liedekerke Luc  
Journal of business ethics - ISSN 0167-4544-137:1 (2016) p. 15-29
Does "good" corporate governance help in a crisis? The impact of country- and firm-level governance mechanisms in the European financial crisis
van Essen Marc   Engelen Peter-Jan   Carney Michael  
Corporate governance : an international review - ISSN 0964-8410-21:3 (2013) p. 201-224
Mobilizing private funds for carbon capture and storage : an exploratory field study in the Netherlands
Sanders Mark   Fuss Sabine   Engelen Peter-Jan  
International journal of greenhouse gas control - ISSN 1750-5836-19 (2013) p. 595-605
Compound real option valuation with phase-specific volatility : a multi-phase mobile payments case study
Cassimon Danny   Engelen Peter-Jan   Yordanov V.  
Technovation - ISSN 0166-4972-31:5-6 (2011) p. 240-255
Incorporating technical risk in compound real option models to value a pharmaceutical R&D licensing opportunity
Cassimon Danny   De Backer M.   Engelen Peter-Jan   van Wouwe Martine   Yordanov V.  
Research policy - ISSN 0048-7333-40:9 (2011) p. 1200-1216
Underpricing of IPOs : firm-, issue- and country-specific characteristics
van Essen Marc   Engelen Peter-Jan  
Journal of banking and finance - ISSN 0378-4266-34:8 (2010) p. 1958-1969

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