Peter Van Aelst


Publicaties in de kijker

Look who's talking : an analysis of actors in television news (2003-2016)
Beckers Kathleen   Van Aelst Peter  
Journalism studies - ISSN 1461-670X-20:6 (2019) p. 872-890
The Information and Arena model : its value and limitations
Van Aelst Peter   Walgrave Stefaan  
Political communication - ISSN 1058-4609-36:1 (2019) p. 203-207
Centralized personalization at the expense of decentralized personalization : the decline of preferential voting in Belgium (2003-2014)
Wauters Bram   Thijssen Peter   Van Aelst Peter   Pilet Jean-Benoit  
Party politics - ISSN 1354-0688-24:5 (2018) p. 511-523
Does the political system determine media visibility of politicians? A comparative analysis of political functions in the news in sixteen countries
Vos Debby   Van Aelst Peter  
Political communication - ISSN 1058-4609-35:3 (2018) p. 371-392
Much Ado About Nothing? The low importance of Twitter as a sourcing tool for economic journalists
Johnson Michiel   Paulussen Steve   Van Aelst Peter  
Digital journalism - ISSN 2167-0811-6:7 (2018) p. 869-888

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